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What is Thingamabob? Well, it is a small, nonprofit, nonregistered, nonavtorized organization. We could call it a signature of a team, a certain level of quality, of seriousness. A sign of trustworthiness. A simbol that lets you know what people worked on a signed project. More or less it is coordinated by one person, Andrej Zubin, who gathers other people around and works on projects.

Todays project are not manageable by a single person. There are too many technologies, too many arts to master for an individual alone. What matters the most is the ability to gather specific people for a specific project, and the ability to coordinate them so they work as an efficient whole. That, in a way, is what Thingamabob represents.


If you wish to contact us, you can do it by writing to: contact(at)thingamabob(dot)eu or via our Facebook page.