This page is here for posterity reasons as newer versions of Windows made it even more complicated to play Dune 2000.

This patch allows Dune 2000 to use UDP instead if IPX for LAN play.
Meaning that with it you can play a Dune 2000 LAN game on Windows Vista and newer operating systems.

But this patch does not make the game run or install on newer versions of Windows. So if you're having problems installing or even running the game itself then this patch will sadly not help you. I am not sure about Windows 8, but Windows 10 has its own problems running the game. (Not to mention installing if you have a 64bit version.)

Another good thing about the patch is that it makes playing over Hamachi way easier. (If you ever tried to play Dune 2000 over Hamachi you probably
know all the problems and preparations that come with it.)
The patch does not modify any of Dune 2000's original files, so it "should" be compatible with all versions and mods.
The patch has been tested on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7. Over LAN and Hamachi. With Dune 2000 V 1.06.

Curent version: 1.2.2
Bug fixes from previous version: It now correctly detects IP addresses on Windows 2000.
Compatibility: The new version should be backwards compatible so if you have the new version and your friend has the old one you should be able to play with each other.


How to use

Once the patch is installed just run the game normally.
The first time you run the patched game a licence agreement will get displayed. But once you agree with it it won't bother you again.
Then this window will appear.

In it select the IP you want to connect to and click "Ok". The game will then proceed normally.
In this case the first IP is the LAN IP and the second is the Hamachi IP.


The patch file can be downloaded here.
After downloading just extract the files inside it into your Dune 2000 instalation directory and run the game normally.

For Windows XP and earlier or if you already have the "dpipxsp.dll" downloaded and registered you are done.
But Windows Vista and newer lack an additional feature that is required (by Dune 2000 not the patch) and must be added in order for the patch to work.
Continue reading to find out how to aquire it.
Of course if you are just upgrading to a newer version of the patch you must already have it.

But what if I don't have the "dpipxsp.dll"?

If you are playing on Windows XP or earlier YOU DO NOT NEED THIS FILE and preferrably should not install it at all.

Ok so you have Vista or newer... The bad news is that the DirectX EULA says I can't distribute that exact file alone. (It's a renamed dpwsockx.dll)
The good news is that I can still distribute the whole DirectX and provide a way to extract just the file you need.

  1. Download this and EXTRACT it on your Desktop (or someplace you like). From now on this will be referred to as the EXTRACTOR folder.
  2. Run the program named "DXExtract.exe" or just "DXExtract" if you computer is set up not to display file extensions.
  3. You should now see this window
  4. Read the Microsoft software licence terms for DirectX and if you agree with them press "Agree and extract"
    (it is important to read licence agreements)
  5. After the extraction is complete a window will pop up saying "Extraction complete" and the application will close itself after you press Ok.
  6. Now the EXTRACTOR folder should contain a new file named "dpipxsp.dll"
  7. Once this is done run the "ipx.reg" file.
    This will inform DirectX about the new dll that will add missing features to it.
    A lot of windows will pop up and you have to reply positively to every one of them.
    Finally it should say that the information has been added to the registry.
  8. Now just copy the "dpipxsp.dll" file to your Dune 2000 instalation directory and you're done.

Known bugs and bug fixes

The 1.1.2 version of the patch doesn't work on Windows 2000. This has been fixed in the new (1.2.2) version.
There has been a major bug in the earliest version of the patch that caused random crashes. It has been fixed.

Licence agreement

The patch is provided as is, without any warranty and stuff like that.
If you use it you must agree that I (the author) can not be blamed for anything that happens out of it's use.
Included but not limited to: ninja attacks, nuclear meltdowns and/or pregnancy.

Disclaimer or something

I am not affilated with Westwood or whoever currently owns the rights to Dune 2000.
As the patch also uses parts of the old DirectX I would also like to say that I am not affilated with Microsoft.


You can find my email inside the patch's about dialog.
But just in case here is another one: marko(at)thingamabob(dot)eu
Yes I know the emails are different but they are both mine so if one fails you can allways try the other one.