Filming is not an easy task. Not by a long shot. At least not in the scale we've tried it. Mostly you find out that things you would not expect to go wrong, end up broken and in flames. Of course, the other stuff you planned in every detail, yes. But filming something on a bigger scale that a home video takes skill. People, locations, lights, food, logistics are just some of the things that the importance of I could no stress enough, but from an organisational point of view.

A set containing 12 people means 12 different personalities, tastes and humors non the less. As a filmaker it's your job, and not an easy one, to unite and keep the team working as a whole, which in three days of hectic filming ends up as a humongous task.


But in the end, it all wounds down to the team. The day we decided to make The Chronicles of Kane, our appointed post production and special effects tech sat behind the computer for three days straight and studied from no previous experience a various array of programs, searching the gutters of the internet for specifications, reviews and tutorials. And this is just one example.

 ekipa kane

God, I love this team!