Chronicles of Kane is a series of videos, although not yet finished, that parody the game Command and Conquer of the late Westwood Studios.

Chronicles of Kane: Prequel shows the events before the first game. Everything spins around the evil bold-genious and the leader of the NOD brotherhood and his disobedient team, who don't take him too serious and use every chance they get to laugh at his expence.. although this sometimes costs them their lifes.

But Kane doesn't give up on his plan and the events continue in Chronicles of Kane: Dawn...





The crew behind the project

ekipa kane

"It's rehearsal time!"

 In no special order:


Aleksander Kocjančič
Actor Kane
The world is MINE!!!



Andrej Zubin

Producer, Director, Screenplay
No! No! No! You were supposed to be on set two hours ago



Martin Agostini Pregelj
Director of photography, Camera 1
Camera... Sound... Action!



Marko Zubin
Post production
Sure, we can fix that in post production... probably... I hope...



Mirko Gregorič
Actor - Left soldier
I love my gun... Love my gun...



Uroš Cindrič
Scenography, Microfon
Very nice!



Alenka Breznik
Actress - Right girl
I don't know... you write something



Eva Hafner
Actress - Left girl
Lefties are the devil's minions



Gašper Pavalec
Actor - Right soldier, Financial sponsor
I didn't steal the stapeler, but I might have eaten the sandwich



Mitja Dilica
Actor - The mighty viking Thoradin
All NOD base are belong to vikings



Marjeta Gojič



Karim Shalaby
Camera 2


Special Thanks:

  • To KŠOK, withought whom we would be forced to film on the streets
  • To PiNA, who lended us all the necessary equipment
  • To Karim Shalabi for the extra equipment
  • To Blaž Poklar for the technical help

And last but not leat to Westwood Studios and their game series Command and Conquer.


Thank you!